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WordPress Cyrillic Permalinks transliteration plugin

Note: I first published this plugin 11 years ago. I still use, update and support it.

If you have been using WordPress for a while, you are probably familiar with its great and flexible URL rewrite functions which let your posts use URLs that are friendly both to users and search engines. For example, I have configured my blog so that this entry can be accessed at

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work so smoothly with post titles in Cyrillic. They may confuse the code which generates the „Slugs“ included in the friendly URL, resulting in a bunch of meaningless characters, or – even worse – broken URLs.

I have coded a small WordPress plugin to take care of that. It automatically converts your Cyrillic post titles in phonetically equivalent Latin slugs.

Download here:
Cyrillic Permalinks 2.0.0


4 thoughts to “WordPress Cyrillic Permalinks transliteration plugin”

  1. That’s great! But how do you manage to write cyrillic posts in english WordPress? I tried and got just ? signs instead of my letters (I use win1251 encoding page).

  2. Hi,

    I tried to use your plugin in Russian blog, thinking it could change old slugs. But the plugin seems to work only on submitting posts. Therefore is similar to rustolat.

  3. @Маркет: yes, essentially it’s the same, and Rustolat is probably better for Russian users, so I’ll add a link to it.

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