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101 Dumbest Moments in Business

Some people get paid to make important, strategic decisions for a living. Decisions that can lead to gaining or losing millions of dollars. Needless to say, these people get paid a lot. They’re supposed to have knowledge, experience, connections, resourcefulness and creativity that exceeds the abilities of the average homo sapiens.

That’s why it’s very strange to see how dumb can these guys be sometimes. This article in Business 2.0 shows some examples of extraordinary stupidity at top levels of management. Fun, eh?

Music is life. Live a fun one. screenshot

I admit it, I can’t live without music. Right now I’m in the process of extracting audio from my CDs and putting it all on one DVD for easy access, and while doing that I found out that I’m pretty tired of most of my favorite bands. It’s not that I like their music less – I still love all my albums – but I’d appreciate something new.
A nice thingy I just discovered is – it lets you enter a song/band you like, and starts suggesting similar music. As strange as it sounds, it seems to work very well for me! And it has good quality streaming too.